Rapidly Identifying Therapeutically Relevant Peptides

Our proprietary technology platform is designed to rapidly identify therapeutically relevant peptides encoded within the mitochondrial genome, to evaluate their biological activity, and to develop these peptides into novel mitochondria based therapeutics (MBTs) that have the potential to treat diseases with major unmet medical needs.

Promising Therapeutic Potential

We use a broad range of proprietary activity screens to assess the therapeutic potential of our novel peptides and to prioritize our development opportunities. Some of our novel peptides have demonstrated promising biological effects in a variety of in vitro and/or in vivo models of age-related diseases. We are prioritizing our novel peptides by assessing their activity in areas such as metabolic regulation, oxidative stress, cellular energy levels, cell proliferation, cell death, cellular protection, carbohydrate metabolism, lipid metabolism, body weight, regulation of body fat, insulin sensitivity, regulation of glucose, glucose tolerance, and liver function.

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